John D. Wainwright

Second Star Professional Services, LLC

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Raleigh, NC  27607

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Twenty-seven years experience in information management, including twelve years specializing in electronic commerce consulting and implementation.  Background includes extensive experience in software development in corporate, manufacturing and consulting environments, working on a wide variety of systems including inventory control, shipping, distribution, cost accounting, shop floor control, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing control systems.  Progressive management responsibility from project leader to staff and executive level management.


·         Expert EDI map development and specification development skills.

·         Expert at requirements definition for Integration of EDI software with back-office systems.

·         Excellent classroom training skills, providing technical training in mapping and data analysis, including customized curriculum development for mapping, and for specification development.

·         Specialty expertise in BizTalk Mapping (versions 2002 and 2004) with special focus on developing Biztalk mapping techniques for EDI translation to support the Covast Accelerator.

·         Certified BizTalk Covast Integrator and trainer.

·         Experience mapping with a wide variety of Standards, including X12. EDIFACT, Odette, VDA, XML and many proprietary standards (including SAP IDOC interfaces).

·         Development of numerous Implementation Guides for specialized applications in supply chain management, distribution and transportation.

·         Programming skills utilizing Visual Basic, VB .NET, Access, VBScript and COBOL.

·         Expert GXS Application Integrator mapping skills.   

·         General familiarity with a variety of EC translation and gateway products.   



Co-Founder and Managing Partner                                                                   2001 -

·         Providing Electronic Commerce Consulting, Implementation and Integration Services. 

·         Specializing in Microsoft BizTalk EDI mapping with the Covast EDI Accelerator.

·         Recent projects include: 

o        Transaction Mapping and Integration support for a BizTalk 2004/SAP implementation for Nortel Communications.  Worked closely with a Micorsoft implementation team to complete map specifications, schema design, and map development. 

o        Migration of over 100 EDIFACT and X12 maps from a legacy mainframe translator to GXS Application Integrator/Enterprise for Maersk Sealand.

o        Developed,  implemented and supported translation maps to interface several back office applications using XML document formats.


Vice President, Electronic Commerce Services                                                1997 - 2001

·         Developed, staffed and managed RTCI’s EDI Mapping Factoryä, providing data transformation services with a staff of over 30 full-time mappers with expertise in 5 different translation products.  

·         Developed internal training, recruiting and Quality Assurance programs to support the development of expert mapping capability on Mercator, Application Integrator (OmniTrans), and PaperFree.

·         Pre-sales technical consulting in support of the Map Factory for a wide variety of customers.

Senior EC Consultant                                                                                       1992-1997

·         Various consulting assignments specializing in the implementation of Electronic Data Interchange for manufacturing and distribution.  Consulting responsibilities included business analysis, evaluation and selection of EDI software packages and hardware platforms, detailed implementation plans, technical and end-user training, and applications design and development for software interfaces.

·         Specific projects included: 

o        An EDI requirements definition and system re-design of an advanced shipment notification system for a first-tier automotive parts supplier; 

o        Implementation of a new EDI program for a major electronics manufacturer.  Project scope included translation software selection and implementation, back-office systems interface, VAN selection, mapping for first trading partner and training local EDI support staff.

o        Design and development of a manufacturing inventory management system for a major pharmaceutical manufacturing company. 

1979 – 1992  DATA GENERAL CORPORATION – Various Positions                             

·         As MIS Operations Manager (1989-1991) responsible for 7x24 computer operations, managing a staff of 16 computer operators and technical and hardware support programmers.   

·         Took over project management of Automated Storage and Retrieval Software (ASRS) one month before installation, and successfully implemented the system in two facilities. 

·         As a Plant MIS manager (1985 – 1986) responsible for all manufacturing IS support, with a staff of 9, with a budget of $1.3M. 

·         Various programming and project management assignments developing and supping variety of manufacturing and distribution application systems, with increasing management responsibility. Assignments included on-site project management of software installation projects in two overseas locations.

1978 - 1979       ZAYRE CORPORATION  -  Natick, Massachusetts,  Junior Programmer

·         Software development as a COBOL programmer in a 370/168 programming environment, developing applications system to support retail distribution operations.




SOFTWARE TOOLS:  MS Office tools, MS Project, EDISIM, Access, Crystal Reports, VBScript

TRANSLATION SOFTWARE:  BizTalk and CoVast Accelerator for BizTalk; Application Integrator (through version 3.2); Mercator, Trading partner PC32;  several DOS translators,. 

APPLICATIONS:  Programming and design experience in inventory control, customer order configuration and shipping, shop floor control, distribution, manufacturing cost accounting, and real-time storage and retrieval.  Working knowledge of Bill of Materials, MRP, Capacity Planning, Labor Reporting. 

GENERAL INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE:  Manufacturing systems (Automotive, Electronics), Truck, Vessel and Intermodal Transportation, Distribution


BA, Allegheny College, Meadville, PA

Doctoral studies, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, with courses in quantitative methods, statistical analysis, and programming.