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Business Solutions Development

Business Solutions Development is the process by which business requirements are converted into a solution design. The solution design defines every detail of the development, implementation, and testing phases of the EC project, including:

  • all data structures and protocols
  • the software and hardware architectures
  • the procedural details of the functionality
  • implementation time
  • risks
  • cost
  • assumptions
  • tools and methods to be employed
  • testing plans and pass/fail criteria

The solution design is the architectural blueprint for the project plan. Since design is a multi-step, reiterative process, the solution design may be modified as new issues are discovered in the implementation phase. Any such modifications must be within the scope of the business requirements, and impacts on the schedule and project cost must be considered. At Second Star we design solutions that meet the business requirements using technologies and methodologies that best fit the customer's needs. We don't try to force the solution to fit one of our products or our services.

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