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Our Staff

We believe the best EDI/EC consultants are those who have a firm basis in software engineering, systems administration, network engineering, programming, and other technical skills that give them an insight into how things work.

The diversity of our skill set enables Second Star to provide services beyond the eCommerce arena. Our understanding of systems infrastructure, ERP and CRM applications, and software development means that we can more ably integrate eCommerce applications and processes into the overall business process than the traditional EDI consultant.

This wide breadth of knowledge also enables us to provide behind-the-scenes talent to overcome problems encountered in a project. When one of our folks is working on your task, he/she is never alone -- unlike ET, our folks can always phone home when they need assistance.

Managing Member -- Jim Dawson -- Resume

Jim has over 25 years of hands-on and management experience as programmer analyst, systems analyst, EDI analyst, team leader, project manager, and IT director.

Managing Member -- John Wainwright -- Resume

John has over 25 years experience in information management, including ten years specialing in electronic commerce consulting and implementation.

Member -- Pauline DeLuca -- Resume

Pauline has ten years experience in EDI data transformation mapping and has managed EDI projects and the concurrent software applications project.

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