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Product Evaluation

There are many products that enhance a company's ability to join the EC/EDI community or to extend their influence in that community. Not surprisingly, most of them are omnipotent -- they do everything. At least that is what the brochures and the sales staffs state. Rare indeed will be the occasion when a salesperson will say to a potential buyer, "After reviewing your requirements I don't believe that our product is the best fit for you."

The purchase of a major software item such as an eCommence gateway, whether and enterprise addition or just a "mom n' pop" version, is an expensive proposition. Most companies wisely evaluate several products before making a decision. Unfortunately, few companies have the experience and knowledge base to enable them to make such a decision without relying heavily upon what the vendors state. And vendors believe that they can make their product do whatever the customer needs it to within the time line of the customer's project.

Product evaluation is better performed by a party who has knowledge of the fundamental capabilities of EDI products and who will evaluate the vendor's claims and propose an unbiased solution that best fits your needs.

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