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Finally, BizTalk, Mercator, and Application Integrator maps that work and are delivered on time

There are no independent certification programs for EDI mapping. In some cases, such as with the BizTalk mapping engine, there is no advanced training available. Make no bones about it, though, experience does matter if you desire that your maps be delivered on schedule and if you want maps that work the first time.

When it comes to EDI mapping, experience counts! The staff at Second Star has been working in EDI and mapping EDI documents for an average of over ten years each. We have used many different mappers, but chose to focus on BizTalk, GXS Application Integrator, and Mercator. Most recent, we have concentrated on BizTalk mapping because so many companies have needed our expertise in that area.

One of the most difficult aspects of EDI mapping is the HL loop that is found in transactions such as the 856, 837, 811 and 30+ other transaction sets. The structure of the data in the HL loop is implied by pointers in the HL segment, a concept that cannot be easily represented in XML schemas that are structured to represent application flat files. From a couple of our clients after having us complete BizTalk maps with HL looping:

      "there was *no* way I would have hit upon that in a million years"

      That map is absurd, there's no way I would have come up with that any time soon.

These two maps took four hours and 13 1/4 hours, respectively, for us to complete, from scratch-- after the clients had each spent upwards of two weeks each trying to get them to work

We have multiple pricing methods available for mapping services, and will work with you to determine which method best fits your needs.

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